OSMETRY is an original project that promotes a brand new outlook on the geometry of the world and cities, their cultures, symmetry, and authenticity. It is a quest for harmony and awe in the commonplace; it is about reliving memories, reimagining cities' landscapes and an eagerness to reinvent the moment and, of course, inspiration. Special artwork for the Italicus brand was developed: an attempt to reimagine Moscow landscape inspiring by Italicus bottle. The base for the contest photo is a photo of the State Electric Power Station -1 in Moscow. Such buildings are often redesigned as cultural spaces. It is a beautiful and unusual building with more than a century history. It could beco Italicus's plant or art hub to promote Italicus's artists and collaboration. The Osmetry project and Italicus brand have the same concept and idea, so it is an gracious area for collaborations (check https://osmetry.com/en)