Floading Colosseum


As the photographer of "The Court", five stars Hotel Palazzo Manfredi's cocktail bar, I see quite often the Colosseum while drinking a good cocktail. Seeing it so often gives me a different view from that of a tourist. As illustrator for the vanguard cocktail bar "Depero", my eyes see everything through a futuristic prism. This is how I turned the Colosseum into a huge bottle of Italicus, floading its liquid into the sky of Rome, or as Gabriele D'Annunzio said, "beaming its light into the skies, not only those of Rome, but those of the whole world". In this illustration there is also a tribute to the cinema posters from Cinecittà epoque and Dolce Vita, which Italicus and italian aperitivo embody worldwide. For this work I used digital illustration tools and a picture shot by me at The Court.