The Creation of Taste



“The Creation of Taste” is a digital illustration that celebrates art, architecture and classic beauty, representing Italian history together with tradition and culture. The artwork focused on Italicus bottle which shape reminds of a classic column. the Corinthian order celebrates the complexity of the artistic details and supports an architrave that culminates with the Italicus logo. Two angels, one on the left holding a lavender branch, and one on the opposite side, holding the glass of Bacchus painted by Caravaggio. Both turn their gaze downwards, framed by citrus and bergamotto flowers, main essence of Italicus. The hands of Michelangelo's creation meet precisely at the bottle to indicate "its creation". The illustration ends with two statues making a Latin toast for Italian Aperitivo: one representing a classical Roman woman and the other one is the statue of Augustus of Prima Porta, shown in his Imperator role, commander of the Roman army, celebrating his last victories in battle.