Twist on Classic


Ciao everyone, Here is Alessandro Vella. Today I am going to present you my artwork to enter the competition of the #artofitalicus 2020. As the name artofitalicus is inspired by art I have decided to modified a very famous Italian painting. The idea is the same of the twist on classic cocktail, the one to take and replace one or more ingredient. I took the world famous “The last supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci and I twisted it, adding some of the most significant things created by Italian people. Starting from the background you can see the beautiful ‘Brunelleschi Dome’ that this year marks 600 years of life, moving to the front on the left hand side we can see the Vespa scooter followed by the Gioconda(Mona Lisa) painting. On the right hand side we can see the painting of an old Fiat 500 followed by a cover of the ‘Life is Beautiful’ , a 1997 movie directed by Roberto Benigni which has been voted as best foreign language film at the 1999 Oscar night. On the roof we can see a fresco from Palazzo Tolomei, a Medicean residence in Florence. At the front on the left hand side we can see a plant of basil, an excellence in the traditional Italian cuisine, very well known to be used on top of pizza and to make pesto, a pasta sauce originary from Liguria region. Last but not least the soul of the painting: ITALICUS spread all over the table! Saluticus!